Philippe Khin
How to build a big feature of an App as a Solo Technical Founder
Building a feature is not just about writing code 🤔
You need to set your Pain Tolerence Level really low
Optimize your daily tools by identifying and trying to fix your tiny but recurrent pain points
How far can you go as a Solo Founder ?
The right question to ask is rather: "how long will you keep doing this?"
You should build a business alone
Hear me out, doing "alone" doesn't mean "doing everything"
The disadvantages and advantages of a programmer being an entrepreneur 💻
Still, the advantages largely outweight some drawbacks 🧐
Why I decided to stop trying to write for a specific audience
The thing that you're producing matters less that the process of doing so.
The Good Snowball Effect of trying to optimize every aspect of your workflow
Actually I started and built this blog just for the sake of practicing to type faster on my keyboard ⌨️
Trying to get the first step perfect will ruin you
Don't waste time dwelling on your first step, think of it as a necessary step to get the next ones better.

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