Philippe Khin
Why I decided to stop trying to write for a specific audience
4 April 2020
The thing that you're producing matters less that the process of doing so.

When I started this blog, the only goal for me was to be able to practice writing, or more precisely typing (on a keyboard). Not only I wanted to be able to write faster, but also improve my writing communication skills. In fact, sometime at work I just spent too much time dwelling on an email that I'm writing before sending it. I'm trying to get the perfect wording and end up writing more unnecessary words than what I actually wanted to convey.

Then I realize that one additional - unneeded - word that I added, is one more word that my reader has to spend time reading it. So I decided to improve my writing by making my contents the most concise and precise as much as possible while keeping the content rich and informational. In other words, just cut out the bullshit and go straight to the point.

Trying to write for a specific audience is like shutting yourself from internal creativity

After writing a few articles, I decided to use my personal blog (this one) to be kind of a promotion channel for my products. It might work if that helps people in the niche related to my products manage to find me through Google search. That then means that my blog posts must be related to my products domain, which is the Language Exchange/Learning Language field. So, in order to get traffic to my products through my blog, I should write a looot of articles related to this field. That will restrain a lot my writing as I have to write to a specific audience on a specific topic.

That kind of forces me to go in a certain direction and I won't be able to feel good if I don't daily or weekly produce an article talking about my niche. Even though I am a language enthusiast, only trying to write about that subject will just kill my other traits of personality and prevent me from exploring other areas.

So instead, I just decided to just write on any subject as long as some inspiration strikes in. Who knows, maybe by writing and exploring more deeply into my own self, that will lead me to discover and try something new by creating a new product completely unrelated to learning a foreign language.

The only thing that matters is consistency

Your blog post contents of course matter if you are trying to target a specific audience. But producing regularly contents will put you in the habit of producing contents, so when the time comes where you finally have a good inspiration to write some specific content for your niche, it won't feel like a chore to do so.

This is because when you get into the habit of writing, producing or creating so much, the thing that you're producing matters less that the process of doing so. At least that's what I personally experienced.

This is exactly what happens to me at the time of writing this article. By being stubborn and only wanting to write articles in my specific niche, writing itself becomes something that I ended up avoiding.

Instead, I just write, this can be on this personal blog or somewhere else like a community forum, Quora, Reddit, Indiehackers etc...

Your content might be less authentic if you write for a specific audience

This is like when a rising music band who just started to get popular, see themselves being forced to produce massive songs to please a specific kind of fans. The production of their songs become a way to generate money rather than being faithful to their own personality and start progressively to lose their identity.

This is also true when you're trying to reach a specific audience to promote a certain product: your contents will be full of hidden/explicit promotions for your own products. Shameless plugs from here and there might push off your readers. You tend to undervalue your competitors products and overvalue yours, even though that you know that they are somehow better.

Of course, who won't do that when they have the possibility to promote their own products. But this might work for a corporate or blog directly attached to a product. Since I am writing on my own personal blog, more than promoting my products, self-promotion is more important as you're slowly building trust with your readers by building authentic contents by giving your own opinion. I'm not claiming to be expert in anything, but by sharing to the world your journey, the right people will eventually relate to you.

Human beings are creatures that constantly seek for external fellows to whom they can relate to. The more you expose different sides of yourself, the more people get interested to you.

In fact, even while writing this blog post, I don't even know beforehand what I'm gonna write about. Words by words my brain cells just get connected to each other and my fingers just start typing.

In the end, it just feels good to offload the foggy mind that I had regarding this subject of having to write to target a specific kind of readers. By writing that down here, not only it helps me to make a decision, but it also keeps myself accountable for what I preach for. So from now on, I will try to keep up with writing, regardless of the topic. It can be related or not to my products, self-promotion or not. At least, this little corner of the web is where I put down my words.

© 2020, Philippe Khin